About us

UAB Kronen manufactures various textile merchandise and cartographic products. In addition, we assist with technical assistance in the production of traditional Norwegian style furniture. 
We also provide consulting services in other areas.

For many years we supplied printed materials to our clients, but recently we have turned this field into production of various types of maps. Everything from traditional topographical maps, analytical maps, thematic maps, and more extensive projects as zoning proposals.


Our strength lies in the production of textile products consisting of PVC and webbings, but we also have experience in production of many other textile articles.

When we started production of vinyl fabrics we got delivered PVC from Norsk Titanduk AS at Holmestrand, Norway. Today we purchase these textiles from the current manufacturer, while other fabrics or components are purchased locally or imported from suppliers worldwide.

Our highly skilled production professionals would like to create the product exactly according to your wishes!

As a Norwegian company with over 25 years experience in Lithuania, we have gained expertise in various fields. Production of cottage kitchens, dining groups, and other furniture of traditional Scandinavian style.

Many Lithuanian companies have expertise in manifacturing foreign or international styled furniture, and have good access to high quality raw materials. Lithuanian enterprises can not compete with East Asian companies on price, but certainly on quality, short delivery time, and is far more flexible on quantities.


If you have questions or comments concerning this website, please feel free to contact us!