About us

Established in 2000

UAB Kronen conducts various research types and archives searches, analyzes and produces cartographic products. Our main strengths are Lithuania and Norway. But we can also assist with general information from the Nordic and Baltic countries. We also provide consultancy services in other areas.

We have supplied printed matter to our customers for many years. Recently we have turned this field to producing different types of maps. Everything from traditional topographical, analytical, and thematic maps to more extensive projects like zoning plan proposals. 

We have extensive experience obtaining background knowledge about industries and companies in the Baltics and the Nordics. Among other things, concerning the search for a business partner.

Many of these assignments resulted in close and long-term business cooperation between companies on either side of the Baltic Sea. Our customers have come from such diverse industries as textile manufacturers, house manufacturers, news media, food companies, home buyers and the furniture industry.

As a Norwegian-owned company with over 30 years of experience in Lithuania, we have built up expertise in many areas. We have contributed to production of cottage kitchens, dining room groups and other furniture in the traditional Norwegian style for many customers.

Many Lithuanian companies have good expertise in goods and services for the Norwegian market. Lithuanian companies cannot compete with East Asia on price. But instead on quality, short delivery time and are far more flexible on quantity. This applies to many industries.